Welcome to Great Lakes Restoration

Great Lakes Restoration (GLR) is a non-profit organization with the goal of “Building the Peace” by assisting the poor people in the Eastern African countries of the Great Lakes region, primarily the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, in the post-conflict recovery from recent warfare, through the development of the human capital capacity.

The projects sponsored by GLR are designed to stimulate creativity, work, ambition and hope. These are not “quick-fix” projects but are designed to establish the long term future growth, peace, and stability in the Great Lakes region.

Our projects, our “buildings”, will address the following components inherent in
“Building the Peace”:

  • INFRASTUCTURES to improve the living conditions of the population and
    effectively fight poverty.
  • EDUCATION to promote the basic tools necessary for growth.
  • HEALTH to provide the population with the services and medicine needed to combat disease, poor nutrition, HIV/AID, and premature death.
  • WATER and ELECTRICITY which are essential to sustain human life in the modern world.
  • HOUSING to promote human dignity through improved living conditions.
  • EMPLOYMENT to provide hope and an alternative future for people to live and prosper in peace.

Our PROJECTS page synopsizes our specific plans to address these basic needs. A detailed proposal is available upon request from GLR.


GLR is organized and operated as a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation pursuant to section 501 (c)(3).

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